Matthew & Nadia – Middleton Lodge Pre Wedding Shoot

Matthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-walking-togetherMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-walking-togetherMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-stood-together-about-to-kissMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-piggybackingMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-about-to-kissMatthew-&-Nadia-Middleton-Lodge-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-young-couple-walking-awayMatthew & Nadia – Middleton Lodge Pre Wedding Shoot. like many of our couples Matthew & Nadia are extremely busy people, based in London, so trying to fit in time for a pre wedding shoot was a bit of a juggling act. We schedule the date in for one weekend in April when they were in the area, to meet up with Anna from Middleton Lodge and Jean from Elise Flowers who is Wedding Florist. We were very lucky to have that rare English commodity, a warm spring day! It was lovely to meet up with them at The Coach House Restaurant for coffee and to catch up with their wedding plans.

Middleton Lodge grounds seem to be endless and it was lovely to explore and get a few photos of Matthew and Nadia as we strolled around and chatted. They are great fun and we are really looking forward to their Wedding Day tomorrow at Middleton Lodge.

Congratulations to to you both and we wish you a very happy future together!


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