Selfie obsessed? – Wedding Photographers

Selfie-obsessed-brother-checking-the-photo-of himselfSelfie-obsessed-Mother-and-daughter-Rockliffe-HallSelfie-obsessed-Father-and-daughter-Rudding-Park
Selfie-obsessed-the-guests-at-Rockliffe-HallSelfie-obsessed-the-guests-at-Middleton-LodgeSelfie-obsessed-the-guests-at-Middleton-LodgeSelfie-obsessed-thethe-videographer-at-Rudding-Park_ChapelSelfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Rudding-ParkSelfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Rudding-ParkSelfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Rudding-ParkSelfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Middleton-LodgeSelfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Middleton-LodgeSelfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Rudding-ParkSelfie-obsessed-the-page-boy-at-Middleton-Lodge

Selfie-obsessed-the guests-at-Northumberland-Marquee-WeddingSelfie Obsessed? Wedding Photographers.

Yes it does seem that people are Selfie obsessed….but selfie sticks come into their own at weddings. And why not we have on our best Coast dresses and Hugo Boss suits not to mention a pair of designer heels thrown in, maybe even a pair of Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos. We have made every effort to have perfectly coiffured hair and blemish free make up so of course we need a photo of us with our other half or best friends.

So yes we do like a good selfie! Ellie and Matt’s wedding at Rudding Park was a great photo opportunity to capture the bridesmaids and guests capturing their own moments. But it doesn’t have to be a guest photographer taking a phone camera image. We are fascinated watching anyone with a camera concentrating to get their own images and enjoying sharing the moment with their friends.

We love the second image from Hannah & Simon’s wedding at Middleton Lodge with Simon, the groom holding the selfie stick to get him in pic with Hannah approaching down the aisle. Must grooms are nervous enough without having to capture this, poor Simon no pressure but we suspect his hand wasn’t that steady.

…and even when the bride is running late and stress levels are at their highest like in Lucy and Michael’s wedding image at Rockliffe Hall , there is always time for Mum to capture her very own memory  for posterity.

It’s great to see people of all ages enjoying photography at every level. So how does it affect us as the professional photographers? Do we feel threatened? Not at all as well as creating great photo opportunities of people having fun, it means that we can’t rest on our laurels, as the paid photographers we need to make sure our images are to the very highest standard that we can deliver.


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