South Park, Darlington – Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

South-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-looking-at-each-other South-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-walkingSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-walkingSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-sat-together-on-park-benchSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-duck-landing-on-the-lakeSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-walking-around-the-lakeSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-walking-around-the-lakeSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-walking-around-the-lakePre-wedding-shoot-south-parkSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherSouth-Park,-Darlington-Pre-Wedding-Photo-Shoot-young-couple-stood-togetherWe feel we have know Paul and Reema for such a long time as they actually had their wedding scheduled for August last year. Due to unforeseen circumstances had to reschedule and at last they will be tying the knot at Rockliffe Hall on Friday. They are both extremely busy people and also have been living at separate locations so trying to catch the two of them together has been tricky, but finally we were organised ago photograph them in the South Park, Darlington. The morning of their pre wed photo shoot was a bright and sunny one, which Reema was really pleased about, we hope that the wedding on Friday will be much the same.

Darlington’s South Park it situated just outside the town centre, with the river Skerne running a long it’s edge. The park┬ádates back to Victoria times and its original bandstand has recently been refurbished. The park has many beautiful hidden corners as well as some very impressive and unusual trees that always make good backdrops on shoots. The lake which is based in the centre of the park attracts varied species of ducks, geese and swans.




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