Pre Wedding Shoot in Jesmond Dene

Pre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-couple-looking-downPre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-couple-walkingPre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-sitting-on-a-benchPre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-sitting-on-a-benchPre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-walking-through-the-parkPre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-walking-through-the-parkPre Wed Shoot Jesmond DenePre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-stood-by-a-treePre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-stood-near-to-tunnelPre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-stood-togetherPre Wed Shoot Jesmond Dene-Pre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-walking-awayPre Wed Shoot Jesmond Dene-Pre-Wed-Shoot-Jesmond-Dene-young-couple-walking-away

Charmain & Craig chose to have their Pre Wedding Shoot in Jesmond Dene. If you are not familiar with Jesmond Dene it is a haven of tranquility in the middle of Newcastle. It is a narrow wooded valley that follows the river Ouseburn between South Gosforth and Jesmond Vale, which provides an important wildlife corridor right into the centre of Newcastle. There is a spectacular mix of native and exotic trees, and the Dene is home to a lot of wildlife, notably the Kingfisher, the Red Squirrel and many woodland birds. Jesmond Dene also has strong historical links with 19th Century industrial development and landscape design – Lord Armstrong’ s influence being very apparent, with a large network of paths and bridges throughout.

It was great to catch up with Charmain and Craig and hear about their plans for their forthcoming wedding at St Peter’s Church in Croft and their wedding reception at the fabulous Rockliffe Hall. 



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