Nina & Col Pre Wedding Photography at Raby Castle

Nina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-couple-stood-on-hillNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-walking-through-the-gardenNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-stood-in-the-arch-in-the-wallNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-stood-in-the-forground-of-the-castleNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-stood-near-to-the-fountainNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-walking-through-the-gardenNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-piggybacking-in-the-gardenNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-kissing-in-the-gardenNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-picking-up-in-the-gardenNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-kissing-in-the-forgroundNina-&-Col-Pre-Wedding-Photography-at-Raby-Castle-couple-walking-awayNina & Col Pre Wedding Photography at Raby Castle – We met Nina and Col almost 2 whole years ago, we can’t believe that their wedding day has finally arrived and that tomorrow they will be tying the knot with their daughter Josie as their flower girl at Rockliffe Hall.

They aptly picked Raby Castle as Colin’s surname is Raby, this was another first first us for a pre wedding shoot and we were definitely spoilt with all the amazing views and lovely spots for photos. Col & Nina made us both smile as they had been to Raby Castle previously and Josie had been taking lots of photos of them both so they had already had a practise run.

We hope that they have an amazing day tomorrow!


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